LED Signals

The LED light should only come on when the sensor is charging or the sensor is positioned upside down (logo pointing towards ground). In normal use, if the sensor is being worn properly by the user, the LED light should never come on.

  • Solid green: sensor is fully charged
  • Solid orange: medium battery (or charging battery if plugged in)
  • Solid red: low battery
  • Flashing red: very low battery
  • Blinking blue: the sensor is currently connected to the mobile app
  • Flashing orange: sensor has been in flat back position and vibrating non-stop for 15 seconds.
  • Flashing a sequence of red then green in quick succession repeatedly: this is a warning that the internal clock needs to be reset. It is important that you immediately sync the sensor with the mobile app which will automatically reset the clock.

Special LED behavior when you are in Live Data screen in the mobile app

When you go to the Live Data screen in the Pregnancy Coach app, the sensor LED will turn on. It will then change its color from green to red depending on the relative health of your body position.

This behavior may not be enabled in the “clinical trial observation mode”.