Turning sensor on and off

Checking if sensor is on

Turn the sensor upside down (as if user is on her head) to check if it’s now on – its LED should turn on.

Turning the sensor on

To turn on the Pregnancy Coach Sensor, plug the sensor into a charger – it will automatically turn on if it is not already on. Note that sensor will not vibrate even if it's in the back position when plugged in.

Turning the sensor off completely (shut down)

In the Pregnancy Coach mobile app, tap on Menu, then tap on the Shut Down Sensor button and then confirm when prompted. The only time when you might need to use this button is for long-term storage, shipping or travel.

If the Shut Down Sensor button is grayed-out, make sure the sensor is on and the app is connected to the sensor.

Low power mode

The sensor will automatically go into low power mode if it is placed flat on a table or other surface for a few minutes.  All vibrations and LED signals are disabled in this mode and the sensor turns off its Bluetooth radio. You can wake the sensor up simply by picking it up. Turn the sensor upside down to check if it’s now on – its LED should turn on. If it does not wake up, it may be too low on battery and should be plugged into a charger.

Charging the sensor

You should try to charge the sensor for at least 30 minutes every day. There is no danger in over-charging the sensor so it is best left connected to a charger when not in use.
You may charge the sensor with any standard 5V Micro USB mobile phone charger as well as the one included with the Pregnancy Coach Sensor.