Effective Alerts Guarantee

Wear the Pregnancy Coach Sensor your entire pregnancy and if we don’t register any Effective Alerts, you can return it for a full refund!

To quality for refund, your Pregnancy Coach app must register at least 20 nights of 3+ hours of wear each with Vibrational Alerts enabled and it must register zero effective alerts during your pregnancy. An effective alert is a vibrational alert issued by the sensor after which you change your sleep position away from Flat Back.

If the app didn't register any effective alerts and you'd like to initiate a return for your purchase from pregnancycoach.com, Login to your account in our store (if you didn’t previously create a password, you’ll be able to create one). In the list of your past orders, click on the Request a return link on the order you wish to return and follow the prompts, making sure to select Didn't See Results as the return reason.